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Dog toothbrush

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Having trouble with cleaning your dogs teeth? Does he move around constantly making it an almost impossible task? Well the solution is to buy this toy which is secretly a toothbrush. The way it works is that you enter toothpaste into the insertions of the toy, and then give it to the dog to chew for fun. He will think you are playing with them and will therefore have no resistance whatsoever. His teeth will be cleaned and spotless in a matter of minutes. There is no need to worry about your dogs dental health anymore as consistency is much easier. Save yourself the time and headache and do something that the dog finds enjoyable too.

Don't let your dogs dental health suffer

Gum disease can be very painful for the dog and the cost of treatment is enormous. This toy will help you (and the dog) in the long term!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chloe Davis

This toothbrush is a huge lifesaver. I couldn’t clean my dogs teeth as he refused at all costs. Now I clean it every day with very little effort. My dogs breath have never been fresher.

Daniel Rodriguez
My dogs breathe smells better

We all know how gross our dogs breathe can be sometimes, but this was a huge game changer.

Liam Parker
My doggo approves

I was worried that this toy wouldn't work but it did just great

Emily Wilson
Five stars!

The quality of this toy is remarkable. So happy with the purchase.

Patrick Smith
Well worth the money

This is quite a bargain for what you get from it. A dog with a much lesser chance of developing dental problems